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Tails: Cosmic Rush 2.0 DEMO

Posted by TheBlox - August 24th, 2011

Well I haven't submitted a game in a year, and I can't see my current project being finished any time soon. But I've been eager to show what it's looking like so far.

What I'm planning for what you'll see in the demo will be the first stage of the game, but there won't be a story revealed in this demo version. It's by far my best work, and it's full of detail and smooth physics. Unfortunately for many people with slower computers, the game may lag due to the mass detail poured into it. There will be options to remove the background layers or change quality for those of you who can't tolerate the lag; hopefully this will help.

I'm thinking the demo will be posted to Newgrounds sometime near the end of September, but I'll see.

Hopefully the demo does well enough that it will motivate me to complete the full thing!


Cosmic Rush 2.0 is not a sequel, it is a remake entirely. Also, when I release the full version in the future, it will likely be my last game based off of Tails. From there on, I'm making my own original work. :)

I don't really have any set release date for the full game though.

History of Cosmic Rush:

The first version of Cosmic Rush was more of a "3Dish running forward" type of game. That project basically died in the middle of the making of it: Something in the file was deleted that shouldn't have been deleted, and EVERYTHING just stopped working completely. Disappointed, I started over from scratch, but decided to go for a different gameplay; something that a Sonic game should really be like. A sidescroller.

Working on the second version of Cosmic Rush has been quite the time consuming project. Since I started, I've submitted 2 different games (Tails' Nightmare and Tails' Nightmare 2). These games were actually 'demos' of the new Cosmic Rush game engine, to demonstrate how the game actually plays.

Many improvements were made in Tails' Nightmare 2 from the first version. How Cosmic Rush 2.0 is currently looking resembles a lot like the second version, but is looking a lot fuller (in terms of detail), with a few new features.

A few last words:

I've always taught myself to just do my best at everything I do. One thing we all should note to ourselves is that no matter what you create, it is a piece of art that you should cherish. There is ALWAYS room for improvements, you can always find ways to make yourself even better than before. I'm not directing this message just to the artists and animators out there, but to everyone doing any task!

Take your time! Don't rush your work! Always be the best you can be, and never EVER doubt yourself. Believe in yourself, and never give up. Don't let others put you down if they don't think you're worth it. Because you are worth it. Keep doing your very best without holding anything back, and you'll go far!

I guarantee it.



Tails: Cosmic Rush 2.0 DEMO

Comments (7)

this is pretty good

Cool to hear you are still working on it! giveing you a W00T

IM your biggest fan and i think i could help because i make great animations :)

i beat it

I just played and beat (I think) your original Tails Cosmic Rush game for the better part of last night, and I'm very happy to hear that you're planning on releasing a full version of it. I've also played both Tails Nightmare games and I gotta say I can't wait to see how the new gameplay style changes things. Also I hope you kept the storyline general the same as Season 3 of Sonic X was my favorite of the series as well.

When is it coming! I am a big Fans of your game! Please make faster a bit! I will be waiting for it! Thanks!

I think he has moved on and stop making and releasing games